Record of loans with microcredit: a way to defeat the crisis


In such a critical period of great economic crisis, Micro Loan is considered a lifesaver for all those who are feeling this great moment of crisis, and who have some difficulty in asking for credit with the traditional method of loans. In this regard it is right to make an in-depth analysis to understand who can access Micro Loan.

What is Micro Loan and what is it used for?

What is microcredit and what is it used for?

To begin with, Micro Loan is a financial tool that seeks to foster economic development. An excellent financial means for those who have economic needs, thanks to this tool it is possible to access various financial types: (mortgages, loans, salary-backed loans.). Micro Loan is born from the idea of ​​helping mainly developing countries, but also helping those families that are economically dependent on the income, often low, of family-run or agricultural activities.

Obviously all this leads to limits to productive activity, in fact these people cannot access bank credit in any way. Micro Loan has been of fundamental help also for micro-enterprises, so alternative programs and solutions have been created to allow access to certain funds. Thanks to the enormous success of this type of financing, Micro Loan is now also valid for the new poor, that is those who live just above or just below the minimum survival threshold.

Tool that even small companies that cannot get funding through traditional channels can enjoy. In developed countries Micro Loan also serves for two other operations:

  • Initiation and support of entrepreneurial and economic activities;
  • Support for university education.

The regions that enjoy the facilitation of Micro Loan

The regions that enjoy the facilitation of microcredit

In companies have the chance and the possibility of exploiting access to Micro Loan, as well as supporting the needs that otherwise would not be able to sustain, is by far important to continue their development.

Loans granted mostly to poor families, suffocated by the crisis, bills to be paid and the high number of child unemployment. There has been a slight improvement thanks to the 12 practices for the reconversion of the entrepreneurial activity, the objective of the concession of the Micro Loan is precisely that of creating new work activities. The goal is to develop productive activity in as many regions as possible, thanks to the help of Micro Loan, where possible.


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